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  • Donna C

    Thank you so very much for all your help and for being always on top of the situation. Not to mention 24 hour E answers :-) We are happy to have our lamps again, we enjoy them and use them often!

    - Nov 2016 : - USA
  • Galvin A.

    Many thanks for your time to time updates. I really appreciate this kind of professionalism which makes are job really easy.

    - Oct 2016 : - General Manager Business Development (Maldives) - Sri Lanka
  • Meike E.

    Hey Hey! I saw your tabletop lightnings at a bar in Dubai a few days ago. I have never seen such a small led box with that great warm light. Greets from Germany 🙂

    - Oct 2016 : - Germany
  • Kathleen

    It's extremely difficult to find a hardworking, honest, efficient and reliable lighting company. Your experience, expertise and work ethic were crucial in navigating a turbulent cordless lamps market. We were well-informed. The right people do make a difference :) Thanks.

    - Aug 2016 : - USA
  • Badra

    We went to a restaurant in World Trade Centre- Abu Dhabi, and I was amazed by the elegant cordless table lamp and was curious to see the label of the supplier on bottom and i visited the website right away, but there is no option to purchase online, appreciating your help to order!.

    - April 2016 : - Abu Dhabi - UAE
  • Chris P.

    Thank you so much for clarifying this. You have been so helpful - great customer service in addition to great products. I have purchased the lamps via the link web site you advised and look forward to using them. Many thanks once again; it is a pleasure to come across a company that tries so hard to assist. Regards. Chris.

    - Oct 2014 : - Australia
  • Paul Jones

    I was in Singapore recently, staying at the Park Royal on Pickering St and I saw your lights in their lounge on the 16th floor. They really looked good and drew a lot of very positive comments from the other guests, and luckily you had your contact details on the base of each lamp. I look forward to getting some soon. Best wishes, Paul

    - May 2014 : - Philippines
  • Christine

    C'est super, j'adore le design et surtout les jolies lumières. Bravo !

    - Aug 2014 : - France
  • Suzanne Wright

    We were staying at the Shangri-la Sentosa Island Singapore and saw your beautiful rechargeable candles on their outdoor tables. Can you please let me know how I can purchase some of these candles.

    - Feb 2014 : - Australia
  • Charles

    I was at a reception in a garden in Dubai. Your lights were what made the experience. Simple and stylish. They made more interesting statements than any I heard from the other guests.

    - Jan 2014 : - Dubai
  • Dante Reyes

    I was in Dubai Marina having dinner. I was looking at the lamps when we enter the resto. It was very very elegant looking. So curious i hold and check the the label of the lamp and i saw your web. Will order soon!

    - Jan 2014 : - Philippines
  • Geoff S

    Love the Hokare Iceberg Small lamp! It is just what we were looking for in a table centerpiece for dining outdoors on warm nights. The build quality is top-notch, the lighting is soft and flattering, and the look is sensibly modern. Thank you!

    - Dec 2013 : - Phoenix, USA
  • Paul Chafer

    I saw the Easylights in the club lounge of the Park Royal on Pickering in Singapore - they are so attractive, what a brilliant idea! I look forward to being able to purchase them.

    - Nov 2013 : - New Zealand
  • Elizabeth

    Recently admired the lovely egg lamps at The Riviera restaurant in Venice. Wonderful. Wish I could buy some for home.

    - March 2013 : - Edinburgh, UK
  • Hans Hellspong

    I have today received 3 replacement acrylic sheets for the charging tray. All three sheets are in perfect condition! I wish all suppliers were as good and kind and fast as you are! Best personal regards

    - March 2013 : - Singapore
  • Calvin Tan

    Just to update that we have received the Table Lamps quantity from DHL in rder today. Thank you again for your wonderful products, responsiveness and valuable services being rendered. Hope to have another opportunity in business with you in near future!

    - March 2013 : - Purchasing Manager of Hotel Plaza Property Singapore
  • Hans Hellspong

    For the first time in 20 years we have found a beautiful romantic table lamp, without having the problem of burning oil, wicks and a living flame. We saw it irst at Goodwood Park Hotel!

    - March 2013 : - Singapore
  • M. Abbubakar

    I recently went to visit dubai and I went to an outdoor restaurant in a golf club. I saw the lamps with different colours illuminating the tables while people enjoyed their shisha and food. The flickering effect just added to the lovely atmosphere and I was tempted to take away the lamp with me! I would have definetly love to have them in my house and impress my friends with this lovely technology. Good job guys

    - Dec 2012 : - London, UK
  • Janice Ruu

    Hi hokare, i have received the lovely cordless light! =) i am so impressed that with a touch of the remote, it can change to many colors. will take a picture with it soonest.

    - Dec 2012 : - Singapore
  • Rabbani

    I been working here in UAE during our company party I was sow your LED Lamp very nice. Recently my house changed to LED lighting technology but all lights are focusing high beam lights In Dining table I would like to have this but I couldn't find your outlet in Dubai.

    - Sept 2012 : - Calicut, India
  • Caroline

    I love this idea of freedom and light : your cordless light do both : Having light in the pool, in the garden , or wherever we want, and no constraint ! BEAUTIFUL Cheers, C.

    - May 2011 : - Sydney, Australia
  • Sylvain Laur

    Just a little message to tell you your product are absolutely marvelous. Lovely design, perfect quality. We bought personally 2 lights 1 year ago and we are really happy to e quip this year our design Shop in Provence with 34 new collection light Continu like this Cheers Syl best

    - April 2011 : - Sydney, Australia
  • Jérôme Brisse

    Hi, We are still very happy to sell your range of products. We hope a new collection in 2012. Best regards.

    - July 2010 : - ADS lighting solutions - Villepinte, France